My favorite is the Tangled/Doctor Who crossover. Rapunzel would love traveling with the doctor. Actually, imagine if Maximus was invited? The universe would never know what hit them.

Amateur Cartographer


It started with these magic beans.
Okay, not really, but it may as well have,
for I stole my prize from right under the Titans noses.

I wasn’t expecting to find her,
much less pull off an elaborate heist.
But on a school trip to see
the remnants of the last time war,
I turned a corner
and there she was:
my golden goose,
my singing harp,
locked up in a museum of all places.

In this hall of giants,
where men fought wars with seconds
instead of weapons,
I knew we had to run away together.

And what a prize she was.
She may not look like much,
with her fashion sense stuck in the sixties,
but she’s bigger on the inside.

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